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Platform for designing physical world experiences using

Identity | Computer Vision | Location | IoT

If Identity

Is at Location

Perform Action


Personalized & Frictionless Experiences

Connect digital identities of people with location, devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Proxce, organizations can design frictionless experiences for their end users in the physical world by leveraging computer vision and/or mobile SDK

Use Case

Frictionless Check-In

Eliminate the need to check-in. With Proxce you can authenticate the identity of the user, confirm that they are at the right place at the right time and complete check-in at a Hotel, Office Building or Event location.



Frictionless Access

We help large organizations deploy smart mobile-based access solutions that use digital identities of people to unlock smart locks installed through the enterprise, Hotel Guest rooms, Lounges, Dorms, etc. The proximity computing engine provided as part of our platform can make real-world access to smart locks and IoTs as simple as giving someone access to an online shared folder.




Contextual Information

Access a single digital profile or a federated group of profiles, along with contextual info about the user such as reservation data, preferences, etc. Your app can now send personalized emails, text messages and even push notifications that use rich identity and contextual info of the user in real-time. Nearby screens can also react to the user's presence and display relevant information.




Proximity Identity Manager

World's first Proximity compute engine that is designed to offer seamless interaction with identity, location, and IoT in real-time. Map any identity from anywhere, create locations using Location Manager, design physical experience using our Proximity Compute Engine.

Map Identities

Simply map your end user's identity data store or a federated group of identities using any standard single sign-on protocol.

Create Location

Creating a location through Location Manager is as easy as looking up an address. Set a Geofence radius & create GPS or beacon-based micro-locations.

Modules (IoT and Beyond)

Choose from a rich list of IoT modules like smart locks, kiosks, etc. You can also select pre-configured modules for Point of Sale Systems, Property Management Systems, Emails, Texts, Push Notifications and much more.

Configure Actions

Time to create Magic! Create a physical experience for your end user based on their Identity and Location. Sit back and watch as you remove friction points through the user journey.


Eliminate Friction

Our goal is to bridge the gap between physical and digital world, eliminating friction at every step of the way. We believe the success of any technology deployment depends on how frictionless it is, especially with business-to-consumer IoT deployment. After all, turning on a smart light bulb has to be easier than flipping a switch.

Security and Privacy are at the heart of our technology. All experiences require the end user to opt-in, besides state-of-the-art encryption, we provide single sign-on protocols like SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0.


To go beyond the cool factor, the technology has to work for millions of users seamlessly. Proxce offers the best commercial open architecture based platform that allows ease of deployment, less dependency, and low maintenance cost.


Six important questions
about our platform

Are you an identity management system?

Great question! We are not an identity management system in a traditional sense. A typical IDM provider offers single sign-on to your web and mobile apps; Proxce offers single sign-on to the physical world. However, we do leverage third party IDM systems for digital profiles and our product focuses on Location, IOT, and interaction with digital identities.

We leverage your existing IDM system or ask us for our recommendation for one

  • Open Architecture
  • Choose your IDM system
  • We support third party federations

are you A provider of mobile check-in and keyless access?

Another great question! Yes, our platform allows you to offer Mobile Check-in and Keyless access for any type of business. However, it's just a couple of use cases among a broad array of potential use cases. Proxce is not merely a single purpose platform. Proxce is a robust identity management platform that allows you to drive highly customized actions based on an end user's proximity and a powerful compute engine. Below are few other use cases:
  • Contextual Push Notification
  • Federated Identity Mapping
  • IoT access in real-time
  • Smart Kiosks enablement
  • Enable smart contextual displays
  • Advanced alerts and notification


Wow, you are on a roll! We have fully integrated and certified modules for most of the industry leading Property Management Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Lock Vendors, Payment Gateway and many more. Below is the list of certified interfaces and integrations. Third Party integration is pretty simple as our system follows RestFul standards.
Certified Interfaces
  • Oracle Micros Opera (PMS)
  • Assa Abloy (Lock)
  • Dorma Kaba (Lock)
  • Salto (Lock)
  • and more.....
Other Integrations
  • Stripe (Payments)
  • 7 Rooms (POS)
  • MS Dynamics (CRM)
  • Concur (Expense Mgmt)
  • and more.....

How do you handle senstive data?

Sensitive information such as Personally identifiable information (PII) of a user (e.g., User Profiles) will remain in their source system where they are today

Our Platform is designed to authenticate the user profile and use the PII data in run time only. Hence we never have to store any sensitive information. It also allows you to offer only required info to downstream systems, e.g., if the thermostat system needs only temperature preference of a user then they’ll only get that and not the full PII data. Claims can be managed based on the type of use case; for payment related use cases we use third party gateway such as Stripe.


That depends. if you are going with simple out of the box use cases such as notification (text, email, push) to end user or staff, identity mapping, mobile check-in, keyless access then you dont need any technical knowledge.

For most advanced use cases you would need working knowledge of javascript.

Watch how easy it is to send a push notification based on users location and identity:

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY PHONE IS LOST? or if someone else has my phone

Our Proprietary One: Device One Identity limits the use to only your primary phone to avoid conflicts. Just like how you can have only one drivers license, you can be logged into only one device. If you lose your phone, put your phone in lost mode and the services will automatically stop.

Swapping Phones?

  • Verify with your new phone
  • Disables old phone automatically
  • Your ID will be mapped to new device

Craft Unique Experiences
in your Industry



Your guest can skip the front desk with frictionless check-in and keyless access. Allow in-room controls and contextual messaging through your app.


Theme Parks

Offer frictionless park access, smart band based payments, ride access, contextual messaging & displays and more.


Enterprise Access

SAML and Mobile enabled office building access, access to conference rooms and visitor check-in and access management.


Airlines & Airports

On Arrival check-in, contextual messages, contextual displays, lounge access, Kiosk and IoT access.


Vacation Rental

Eliminate the friction from check-in, offer keyless access and access control for guest and host through your app.


Event Management

Offer Employee check-in, event check-in, contextual messaging and more.

Nearly 50% of our guests are now using a mobile device to explore our hotels and destinations somewhere in their purchase path. Online and mobile are our fastest growing channels and we will continue to invest in this area with the goal of creating a consistent guest experience across all platforms. We are grateful to Proxce who have partnered with us to successfully develop a destination-led and customer-centric app.
Chinmai Sharma
Chief Revenue Officer, Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris
Proxce's innovative technology is a powerful identity management solution that creates personalized interactions for our guests and allows Jumeirah to extend its capabilities in providing the finest service quality and making their experience with us memorable and unique.
Nancy Wolff
Vice President of Hotel Systems, Jumeirah Group


Most Innovative Startup Phocuswright
HTNG Techovation 2017 Finalist
Next Big Thing By NBTWorld

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