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Say goodbye to RFID badges, embrace mobile

Say goodbye to RFID badges, embrace mobile -- enable mobile access to your office, conference rooms and it's easy! Proxce is certified with most of the existing access reader vendors, so with just a Bluetooth reader, you can be up and running!
  • Leverage existing identities
  • Use existing access management
  • Existing doors
  • Visitor access management
  • SAML2.0 & OAuth2.0 enabled
  • Conference room access

PlayIcon.png Easy on boarding with end-to-end support during installation Frictionless Access

PlayIcon.png White labelled mobile app for employees and guests

PlayIcon.png Background unlocking for employees and visitors Frictionless Access

PlayIcon.png Connects to active directory and other enterprise identity stores Frictionless Access

PlayIcon.png Activity monitoring and real-world analytics

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